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Mechanical Profilometer



In the world of surface analysis, accurate surface characterizations are critical. In the stylus profiler a diamon tip flows in contact with sample surface following its morphology. A position transducer converts tip movements into height values producing the surface profile.

Most important features

SIMS and ToF-SIMS technique allow depth profiling of sample surface. The final SIMS crater depth is a key parameter in obtaining dopant profiles as a depth function into the substrate, and must be measured with the highest degree of precision. Therefore quantification of craters after analysis enable to determine time-sputtering rate factor. Surface metrology allows a more reliable experimental data.


Moreover using this mechanical stylus it’s possible to measure surface texture and roughness and to obtain surface topography measurements. Actually main applications are thin film and coating thickness, steps, but the system is also useful for stress and elasticity measurements on metallic membrane.

This equipment measures step height and roughness on surfaces such as silicon, metal, glass, paper, plastic and more.


Instrument at ITC-irst

KLA-Tencor P-6 stylus profilometer

scanning type

by sample   stage (x, y, q)

sample size

6” wafers

maximum scan length

60 mm

scan speed

2mm/sec to 25mm/s


5-2000 Hz

programmable range strength

from 0.5 to   50 mg

lateral resolution

X = 0.2 μm,   Y = 2 μm

repeatability Z


15.0 Å

acquisition system

dedicate   PC, software for profile analysis and statistic, roughness and waviness   algorithm, 2D scan, 3D imaging, 2D Stress, advanced Apex 2D, feature   detection.