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Application areas
Radiation sensors and MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) production of silicon microdevices in fields such as particle detection, transduction, RF, optics.

Value proposition
MNF offers the entire development cycle of advanced miniaturized devices (MEMS and Radiation Sensors) based on over 20 years of experience.

Main technology platforms
• Optical radiation detectors (from visible to X ray)
• Transducers (chemical, pressure, flow)
• RF passive components
• Surface MEMS CMUT
• Bolometers
• PV cells

• 6” Microfabrication Area
• 700 m2 ISO 4-5, full CMOS pilot line, DRIE, wafer bonder, electroplating, bulk micromachining
• Testing Area
• 200 m2: manual, automatic electrical testing, optical testing, PV cells efficiency
• Integration and packaging area
• 60 m2: microassembly, screen printing, ball & wedge bonding, pull & shear test, CNC micromill

For more information please refer to the webpage of the former Fabrication Facility MTLAb

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