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X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)


XPS provides detailed chemical information on virtually each kind of solid sample, i.e. also on insulating or easily damaged samples. In microelectronics XPS is usually used to characterize oxynitride or to improve utilization of new gate materials. On the other hand, XPS finds wide applications in several field of materials science (biomaterials, polymers, organic materials,....)

Scienta 200
XPS system equipped with Al K-alpha monocromatized source, electron flood for charge compensation and Ar sputtering beam for depth profiling. Expertise in particular is devoted to depth profiling of oxynitrides and ultra-thin films by the “etch back” method.

Instrument at FBK

Scienta ESCA 200 (operating since 1995)

X-Ray Source

Monochromatic AlKa radiation

Analyzer Hemispherical Analyzer, it can be operated either in transmission or in spatial mode
Sample surface imaging via optical microscope
Energy resolution δE< 0.3eV on the Ag Fermi edge with a pass energy of 75eV
Sensibility 0.5-1at%
Spatial resolution 10µm. XPS line scans and maps can be acquired
In-depth information an Ar gun (up to 5keV accelerating voltage) is provided for the etching process. To preserve chemical information
wet etching is therefore possible
Charge compensation
a low kinetic energy electron gun is provided